ITB Upload Checklist

Please obtain the following before you attempt to submit your ITB request:

  1. Agency Contact Details. (The agency contact in charge of this ITB.)
  2. ITB Title.
  3. Will the Award be Agency Specific or Statewide Price Agreement?
  4. Commodity Codes.    Search this spreadsheet for applicable codes.
  5. Draft ITB Document. (Word)
  6. The total number of Bid Items.
  7. Items Excel spreadsheet.     Get Spreadsheet
  8. SHARE requisition number.
  9. SHARE requisition document. (PDF)
  10. Agency Memo. (PDF) (Explain to us why you need this ITB.)
  11. Horizons Declination. (PDF) (If applicable.)
  12. Services Determination. (PDF) (If applicable.)
  13. Recommended Sources. (Excel) (If applicable.)        Get Spreadsheet
  14. Any other supporting documents.

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ITB Upload
Contact Details 1/4
Enter the contact information for the person overseeing this procurement.

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