New Mexico Chief Procurement Officer Registration

On or before January 1 of each year beginning in 2014, and every time a Chief Procurement Officer is hired, each State Agency and Local Public Body shall provide to the State Purchasing Agent the name of the State Agency's or Local Public Body's Chief Procurement Officer and information identifying the State Agency's or Local Public Body's Central Purchasing Office, if applicable.

Chief Procurement Officer means that person within a State Agency's or Local Public Body's Central Purchasing Office who is responsible for the control of procurement of items of tangible personal property, services or construction. "Chief Procurement Officer" includes the State Purchasing Agent."

NOTE: Download CPO Designation Certification Letter Template
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  By entering my name in the Chief Procurement Officer registration database, I understand, acknowledge and accept that I am a current employee of an agency or local public body and that I will be responsible for and obligated to approve all procurements for my agency or my local public body. I also affirm that I have never been convicted of a felony unless pardoned by the governor.

I also understand, acknowledge and accept that, by designating myself as Chief Procurement Officer for my agency/local public body I will have to be certified through training provided by the State Purchasing Division or designee and recertified through such training every two years after the original certification.

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